Embedded Software Engineer

  • Job Category
    Engineering, Information Technology
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$4800 - S$6000

Job Description

Our company is seeking to hire an Embedded Software Engineer to help with the development of our current projects and product drone box and drone. Your duties will primarily revolve around building software by writing code, as well as modifying software to fix errors, adapt it to new hardware, improve its performance, or upgrade interfaces. 

You will also be involved in system testing and validation procedures, and also working with customers on technical issues including software system design and maintenance.

Software Engineer Responsibilities:

● Debug and fix bugs in the software.

● Develop and direct software system validation and testing methods.

● Develop firmware based on ARM systems, for example STM32.

● Develop software based on Linux and Windows.

● Knowledge in Embedded Operating Systems development (RTOS or embedded Linux).

● Record software development of documentation.

● Source code control and management

● Working with customers or departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenance.

● Analyzing information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems or modifications of an existing system.

● Preparing reports on programming project specifications, activities, or status.

Software Developer Requirements:

● A bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or another related field.

● At least 2 years relevant experience in electronic system development.

● Hands-on programming experience using C, C++ and python.

● Understand some basic hardware concepts and communication protocols, for example, ADC, UART, I2C, SPI, TCP/IP and so on.

● Know the concept of Ethernet theory,  server structure and set up.

● Excellent coding skills and standard.

● Creative problem-solving skills.

● Strong team building skills.

● Have the courage and enthusiasm to face difficulties in the challenge.

Closing on 05 Feb 2021