IT Security Manager

  • Job Category
    Information Technology
  • Job level
    Middle Management
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$5500 - S$8000

Job Description

IT Security Manager (ITSM) and IT Security Officer (ITSO):

The cloud service provider shall appoint an IT Security Manager (ITSMgr) and IT Security Officer (ITSO) to manage the security operations and functions as the IT security subject matter expert for the GPCS. The ITSMgr and ITSO roles shall not be assigned to the same person. The ITSO shall perform his/her role on a full time basis.

The ITSMgr and ITSO shall be responsible for the following:

· Prepare IT security policies and action plans for review at least once a year or upon the request of GovTech (ITSM)

· Evaluate IT security products and solutions features for use within the GPCS

· Implement the risk management methodology and comply with Service Management Requirement (ITSM)

· Develop and implement security management frameworks and governance

· Implement IT Security Incident Management and handle IT security incidents

· Work with other Government-appointed Suppliers to resolve IT security incidents

· Participate and assist in Government/public sector and services-wide (i.e. involving different services other than the GPCS) IT security incident response table-top exercises and technical assessment exercises

· Perform disk image acquisition for forensic investigation purposes within three (3) days when required by the Representative and to protect the acquired disk image from tampering. The disk image acquisition tool, subject to approval by GovTech, shall be provided by the cloud service provider

· Analyse and update GovTech on the latest security problems, risks and solutions

· Meet with GovTech monthly or as determined by GovTech to highlight security issues and propose improvements to the GPCS

· Liaise and co-ordinate meetings on IT security matters relating to the GPCS with Government-appointed Suppliers, security organisations and the Government

· Perform other activities necessary to secure the GPCS

Closing on 22 Sep 2021