Senior Engineer/Engineer, Information Systems

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    Information Technology, Public / Civil Service
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Job Description

DSTA is a top-notch technology organisation that drives innovation and delivers state-of-the-art capabilities to make the SAF a formidable fighting force. Our engineers and IT professionals harness multidisciplinary expertise to equip our soldiers with advanced systems to defend Singapore.

We also contribute our technological expertise to support national-level developments. To achieve our mission, DSTA performs a variety of roles ranging from acquisition and procurement to cybersecurity and software development.


We are looking for an individual to join us in our Information Programme Centre where you will work in a data-rich domain to develop technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning for big data analysis. The role will require you to:

  • Develop systems for a broad spectrum of mission critical tasks
  • Use advanced technologies to accelerate decision-making on the battlefield

You can look forward to opportunities to work with renowned local and overseas companies and research institutes.


  • Tertiary qualification in Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, or related fields
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, and knowledge of relational and non-relational databases
  • Knowledge of Geographical Information Systems, data analytics and deep learning concepts, technologies and tools will be helpful
  • Knowledge of technologies such as HBase, Spark, Solr, Kudu will be an advantage
  • Good problem-solving, writing and presentation skills

Closing on 16 May 2021