Software Developer

  • Job Category
    Information Technology
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$6000 - S$9000

Job Description

Job Description

The Programmers shall be required to:

i. Code, modify, test, correct and document new and existing programs using assigned languages, tools and coding conventions;

ii. Prepare and document test data;

iii. Prepare and set up testing and production environment;

iv. Prepare and maintain program and system documentation;

v. Assist in establishing file structures and processing logic requirements;

vi. Produce deliverables according to group standards and procedures;

vii. Assist Project Leaders in the study and design of application systems and work coordination, project management and user training work;

viii. Troubleshooting and supporting end-users in the implementation and maintenance of application systems;

ix. Train other contract programmers in the relevant skills;

x. Participate in Disaster Recovery activities eg simulation exercise at Disaster Recovery sites;

xi. Learn / pick up new programming skills related to System Development and Maintenance as assigned by the supervisors;

xii. Any other tasks related to System Development and Maintenance as assigned by the supervisors.

Working Experience and Skill Requirement

(i) Have six (6) years’ experience in each of the programming skills:

- JSP,

- Servlet,

- Java Bean,

- Java Script,

- Session management


(ii) Have five (5) years experience in coding programs using each of the skills:

- MVC modeling;

- Java Server Faces

- EJB (session, entity & message, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Data Transfer Object, Data Access Object),

(iii) Preferably have hands on experience on the following:

- IBM RAD9.0 or above or Eclipse or equivalent

- Portal and Portlet development using JSF

- Jtpl (page template)

- n-Tier Architecture

- Java Web Security/LDAP

- JEE Security

- JEE Transaction


- Web Services (WSDL)


- Ajax


- UML diagrams

- Secure coding to prevent application vulnerabilities (for eg. Cross-site scripting; Injection vulnerability flaws such as SQL injection, command injection; Race conditions; Improper error / exception handling, etc)

Closing on 11 Dec 2021