Software Engineer

  • Job Category
    Information Technology
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Permanent, Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$4500 - S$8000

Job Description

Job Description

· Code, modify, test, correct and document new and existing programs using

assigned languages, tools and coding conventions;

· Prepare and document test data;

· Prepare and set up testing and production environment;

· Prepare and maintain program and system documentation;

· Assist in establishing file structures and processing logic requirements;

· Produce deliverables according to group standards and procedures;

· Assist Project Leaders in the study and design of application systems and work coordination, project management and user training work;

· Troubleshooting and supporting end-users in the implementation and maintenance of application systems;

· Train other contract programmers in the relevant skills;

· Participate in Disaster Recovery activities eg simulation exercise at Disaster Recovery sites;

· Learn / pick up new programming skills related to System Development and Maintenance as assigned by the supervisors;

· Any other tasks related to System Development and Maintenance as assigned by the supervisors;

Job Requirements

a) Have three (3) years’ experience, within the past four (4) year’s timeframe, in each of the programming skills:

- JSP, Servlet, Java Bean, Java Script, Session management, JDBC & SQL

b) Have two (2) years’ experience, within the past three (3) year’s timeframe, in coding programs using each of the skills:

- HTML 5, XHTML, AJAX, Web Services (REST API), JSON, Java Server Faces & EJB (session, entity & message, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Data Transfer Object, Data Access Object).

c) Preferably have hands on experience on the following:

- IBM RAD9.0 or above or Eclipse or equivalent, Portal and Portlet development, n-Tier Architecture, Java Web Security/LDAP, JEE Security, JEE Transaction, XML, Web Services (SOAP), JNDI, UML diagrams & Secure coding to prevent application vulnerabilities (for e.g. Cross-site scripting; Injection vulnerability flaws such as SQL injection, command injection; Race conditions; Improper error/ exception handling, etc).

Closing on 16 Oct 2021