Solution Architect

  • Job Category
    Information Technology
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$7000 - S$14000

Job Description

- In-depth analysis of client needs and algorithm application scenarios, to provide customised solutions.
- Responsible for communicating with clients on technical solutions, clarifying needs, moving projects forward, solving problems, and ensuring project success.
- Guide the planning and implementation of products and solutions based on client needs and industry development direction.
- Have owner awareness and provide constructive opinions on issues, processes, tools, etc., to help continuously improve the client experience.

- Bachelor degree or above. More than 5 years of B2B solution architect relevant experience or more than 3 years of recommendation algorithm coding experience is preferred.
- Familiar with at least one mainstream deep learning programming framework (TensorFlow/PyTorch/Caffe/MXNet), experience in recommendation system, computational advertising, search engines and other related fields is preferred.
- Strong learning ability, can quickly understand the business model and business needs of industry clients in a short period of time.
- Have very strong logical analysis and data analysis abilities, good at promoting workflow optimization.

Closing on 19 Sep 2021