Technical Analyst

  • Job Category
    Customer Service, Information Technology
  • Job level
    Junior Executive
  • Contract type
    Permanent, Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$2300 - S$2800

Job Description

A Service Desk Technical Analyst (TA) is an information technology (IT) professional who helps both internal or external users resolve issues with computer hardware or software. They respond to user inquiries, assess problems and issues with IT equipment and applications, and help resolve these issues for users either via remote assistance, email or over the phone. They take detailed notes of the problem the user is experiencing, determine steps they can take to resolve the issue, and manage the flow of incoming support requests. This involves asking questions to determine the full scope of the user’s issue. They also work closely with other IT department personnel to provide assistance on tasks that are outside the scope of their knowledge or expertise.

Technical Analyst needs to balance creative and technical problem-solving, customer service, and collaboration to ensure that customers can access and utilize the software and resources they need for work.

Technical Analyst must be abreast with the latest developments and trends in the industry. They should be technology-savvy and be able to resolve all the technical difficulties remotely. The core skills that employees should possess are:

  • Extensive knowledge of information technologies and systems.
  • Ability to coordinate at multiple levels and provide great customer service.
  • Taking ownership of all IT related issues.

Technical Analyst needs to train internal and external customers from non-technical backgrounds on information systems. They also have to work with vendors to resolve any technical issues for the clients or organizations.

Technical Analyst balance direct user support with technical knowledge to resolve software and hardware issues. Hence, Technical Analyst needs to possess the following skills:

  • Technical skills - because TA frequently play a direct role in resolving user issues, TA will need excellent technical and computer skills
  • Problem-solving skills - TA are primarily problem-solvers, so they should be able to devise technical and creative solutions to user issues
  • Communication skills - effective communication is key in this role, since TA needs to gather data about problems, prepare detailed notes and reports, and walk users through the steps they can take to resolve software and hardware issues
  • Time management - TA needs excellent time management skills and should be able to set priorities when handling multiple cases
  • Team collaboration – TA routinely work with other IT personnel to resolve user issues, so they need to successfully collaborate with other team members and co-workers

Your job duties will include but not limited to:

  • monitoring uptime performance and alerts for all Managed Service Customers infrastructure from the NOC
  • handling incoming queries and help requests from customers, either via remote assistance, email or over the phone.
  • determining steps they can take to resolve the issue, and manage the flow of incoming support requests. This involves asking questions to determine the full scope of the user’s issue.
  • resolving user technical issues reported by customers.
  • remotely accessing the user’s computer and making changes to their system and settings.
  • walking the user through steps they can take to resolve the issue on their own.
  • quickly devise a solution to the problem without involving any onsite support.
  • escalating user support requests to higher-level Technical Specialists and experts if they are unable to resolve the issue on their own.
  • detailing and providing the onsite Technical Specialist with notes regarding the problem, steps they have already taken to resolve the issue, and their diagnosis of the user’s problem. For complex cases, the TA may arrange to bring back the customer’s hardware so that Technical Specialists can conduct further analyses and determine how to fix the problem.
  • throughout the user support process, TA maintains detailed records of user issues with software and hardware.
  • analysing and diagnosing complex issues with data regarding recurring issues and problems reported by multiple users.
  • providing recommendations to prevent future problems.
  • support users by performing system tests and updates after completing the troubleshooting and necessary repairs to prevent future issues and service interruptions and ensures that troubleshooting and updates have not caused problems elsewhere within the system.
  • TA may also walk users through update and installation processes for software and peripherals
  • creating, editing, and maintaining IT documents that include FAQ documents for users with common issues and how to resolve them without opening a ticket; and department documents that outline standard operating procedures and practices, and help sheets that can be distributed throughout the Service Desk department.


  • Certificate / Diploma in a computer science or information technology field
  • MTA in one of the following:Networking Fundamentals
    Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
    Security Fundamentals
    Cloud Fundamentals
  • COMPTIA or equivalent I.T. Certifications in related field
  • ITIL® Foundation Certification - IT Service Management
  • Attended any technical courses in software, hardware, operating systems and troubleshooting
  • Attended basic training of Cloud Management Software such as ManageEngine, BitTitan and etc

Closing on 04 Feb 2021