The rapid growth of the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector is expected to continue well into the years ahead. Explore your next career peak at our Virtual Career Fair, that brings together a range of industry partners and employers, with a wide selection of job opportunities!


Career Restarter

Restart your career after retrenchment with this curated set of self-help toolkit, workshop and care...

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Here Are the Top Tech Skills You Need for Your Resume

As you transition into a different role or take on new responsibilities, it is essential to upskill ...

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How to Use the STAR Technique to Answer Competency-based Interview Questions

Competency-based questions are becoming increasingly popular in job interviews. Find out what some o...

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Top 5 Entry-Level IT Jobs You Can Apply in Singapore

Do your career aspirations lead you to the Information Technology (IT) sector? Find out what the dif...

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